Scott practices Neurofascial Release, which is a type of light touch bodywork that works at the level of the fascia and can be useful in treatment for many conditions. Neurofascial Release is often helpful in relieving problems that “just won’t go away” with any other treatment. Fascia is connective tissue in the body — it surrounds and permeates all the organs and structures of our bodies, holds things in place and gives us form, strength and support. Problems arise when there are twists or pulls in the fascia caused by trauma or poor posture.

These strains can put pressure on other structures, which inhibits movement or function or causes pain. The problems are seldom relieved until the fascial strain is released. In reflecting on his recovery process after receiving treatment for Leukemia, Scott recognized that many types of treatments were necessary for optimal healing. Scott continues to practice this philosophy utilizing both traditional and non-traditional treatment approaches as he develops programs and assists his clients.

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