Scott Stein is a licensed Physical Therapist, certified Retül Bicycle Fitter, and Cycling Coach. He combines his 30+ year knowledge base as a Physical Therapist with the power and technology of the Retül Bicycle Fitting System to provide his clients with the optimum fit to improve their performance.

As a Physical Therapist, Scott utilizes specialized gentle connective tissue and cranial based non-invasive treatment approaches to assist his clients. Perceiving the importance of food and nutrition for performance and wellness, Scott pursued formal culinary training. He is married and the father of two children. He loves to bicycle, exercise, and cook healthy meals.

As Scott’s son progressed from beginner junior bike racer to National Champion, Scott’s interest in helping others improve their performance grew. He saw need to help entry level bike racers excel in the sport. Through BALANCED: Coaching, Scott provides custom performance programs to assist his clients, whether a serious racer or a weekend warrior.

There are many bicycle coaching packages to meet your specific goals.

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