Why I Ride

Spending some time riding with my daughter Jess

Spending some time riding with my daughter Jess

Mostly when you read this blog you are going to hear about racing, training, and all of our other misc cycling adventures.  I want to take a step back from that and tell you a little bit about why I do all the crazy things on my bike that I have done; and will continue to do.

Let’s go back about 7 years.  I was newly divorced with two young children.  At this point it seems people make one of two choices: A) have a mid- life crisis or B) completely turn their lives around.  I chose option B, but it wasn’t without the help of a friend.   I was clearly walking down the path of option A in life – making bad choices, until a friend invited me to do something different.  We went for a bike ride down the Katy trail to Augusta for lunch.  I had not been on a bike since I was a teenager.  It was liberating.  I loved every single second of it.  There was so much time to think about stuff and enjoy the scenery and just relax.  I will always remember that ride as one of the best times I have had, and as being a turning point in my life.

Within just a couple weeks I had acquired a bike of my own.  A hand me down Schwinn mountain bike, given to me by my boss at work.  I rode that bike as often as possible.  Every time thinking about my life and where I was going and what I wanted.  It didn’t take long before I decided that smoking caused me to make additional stops along the rides I enjoyed so much.  I can still hear my son’s little kid voice telling me “Daddy loves cigarettes and beer.  Mommy loves cigarettes and Sun Drop.”  It had to stop.  What kind of example was I setting?  I had to do better; I know I can do better.  Quitting was hard but I managed it on 5/25/2012.

I started taking my kids with me on bike rides.  If I wasn’t too old to learn a new hobby then neither were they.  Jake on his mountain bikeMy son especially was really into Mt. biking for a while – pre driver’s license. LOL My daughter enjoyed the Katy trail and some road riding with me.  I do my best to teach them by example.  Having children is easy – raising them is the hard part.  Everyone makes many, many mistakes along the way.  What works for one child won’t always work for the other child (dang it).  I do this for them.  I want them to know mom has made bad choices and many mistakes but they don’t define me.  Those choices helped to build me up into the person that I am today.  I can do it better; I just need time to figure out how.  I can do it better; please let me try.  I can be better; let me show you.  My bike will take me there.  The path will be covered with rocks, sticks, mud, snow, doubts, uncertainty, and fear.  I will overcome and ride through.  Even when I’m scared I know that my friends and family will be there to support me.  I will be ok.  Take a deep breath and leap of faith and go for it.  The first time might not be great but I can do it better.  I will do it better; let me show you.

I work in sales and customer service and am a busy mother of two. I got hooked on cycling after a friend invited me to go for a ride on the Katy trail. After that ride I entered a couple charity rides before seeking a new challenge and dove into the wilds of racing. I am excited to start my third full season of racing and can’t wait to continue to learn and ride with the best racers around.

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